To lighten & recycle the materials, most of automotive components specially, steel pipes and rubber hoses are being replaced with PVC Hoses. We are developing and manufacturing Mono-layer & Multi-layer types of PVC Hoses that meet various requirements of Car Makers and environmental regulations in U.S.A & Europe countries.
Fuel Hoses are linked with fuel feed, returns and vapor line of underbody that feeds and returns fuel from fuel tank to engine. Especially these are demanded high durability, pressure resistance and fuel resistance.
Vacuum Booster Hoses are assembled between brake vacuum booster and engine that vacuumizes booster to generate sufficient braking power at caliper of wheels when braking car. Especially these are demanded vacuum resistance, dimension stability and airtightness.
Vent Hoses are assembled between engine head cover and engine that reflow blow-by-gas, generating in engine head cover when working engine, into the engine. Especially these are demanded heat resistance.
Cable Guide Tubes protect cable which transfers the power needed to open and close the moon-roof. Especially these are demanded corrosion resistance and impact resistance.